Unboxing Apple's New Foam...
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    Leave a comment here on LTwhite listing your Twitter handle for your chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods Max.

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    Jack Respess

    the sharpness of that knife though

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    Keegan Koegelenberg

    I would really like to have a sit down with you and just hear all your opinions and theories about what companies like Apple among others... and what they do to their buyers and customers. I think it is a very very interesting topic and would cause quite the debate for some people. But nevertheless, keep making this amazing content! You guys are really not only my go-to but in my opinion one of the most honest and exciting tech reviewers out there.

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    I don't have Twitter 😭

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    Mighty Murph

    That music added an underlying tone of chaos to it all 😂😂

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    @swaprabha I love it

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    @theaussiegeek, love the videos, you guys are awesome.

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    You can get wireless headphones for that price

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    Ayyyyeeee!! Lue ! Hmu i wanna feel luxury at least once !!! 😭😭😭😭 @brandon_acosta7

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    funny thing is You Still Buy.. 😄

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    that magnet sound was satisfying @Zenzano_

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    @JoshuaVoo ♥️

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    Omg i need those earphones ✊🏾 @RyzaRyan

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    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

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    Its like the wheels...

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    Lew + Apple = Sarcasm!!

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    @DennisW70 I NEVER WIN ANYTHING !!

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    Apple is Lux

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    My problem is if u buy these u want to show them off but they look off brand there's no logo like beats people know when ur wearing those

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    Very cool tech @owlbaresfruit

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    Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

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    wow what an innovation

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    Lou in every thumbnail looks like a Picasso reference

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    Those are some premium headphones!!! @ energymonster32

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    twitter- Oelnoch :). Ill be waiting for the dm soon!

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    @JaayCarmona fingers crossedd!!!

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    Steve Jobs would be so disappointed.

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    Damn, I haven't tweeted on my Twitter because I haven't done *****

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    i maybe get it if they go on sale for 400

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    @DaveKimPritt We never win any of these 😎

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    @AliPkIjaz one pair of them blue babys pls, thanks Lew.

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    @iaadarshh my twitter I'd They care so much for environment that they ship it in 2 boxes

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    Twitter- @Ujjwal__21 Man it's too late I see but let's hope so😼

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    DaRkStorm 52

    this. this right here is why I absolutely despise apple.

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    @SumeruBhattach1 Apple products are so costly 🙂

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    I’m an Apple FANATIC… But, I’m waiting to see if, within 3 years, they sell these headphones sans the cushions… 😂😂😂

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    Aji Ridwan

    Actually that's a reasonable price if it has the same quality with yaxi/dekoni pads.

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    Kyle J. Rhines

    Aren’t these just replacement cushions? They look exactly the same as the original ones….

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    Twitter = @pepe_buchanan Love the vids waiting for the Tesla

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    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

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    Twitter: jojo_2743 great video keep it up!

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    69 dollars for replacements 😐

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    Kristians Kulpe

    Why does he sound so depressed?

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      David Bronstein

      You'd be depressed too if you had to shill for these companies for so long.

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    I'm surprised this video wasn't like the Apple wheels one haha. @Quazker

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    Who won?

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    Eddie Morrison

    Lol and the sad part about it is they probably got the cushions in stock but not the headphones

  • Eddie Morrison
    Eddie Morrison

    Lol 😆so Apple trying to be like bose. Do they every do anything original

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    Tanner Yates

    I could get wireless headpho.... wow yup... I am making that comment right now. I still want to try these though tbh

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    BigBoiEnfer !!

    I wouldn’t buy these.

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    Siddique Al Rafath

    This doesn't speak much about apple. But it does speak about how people in general has become dull and oblivious.

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    Twitter: GeorgeElAbed1 Thanks

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    Purke Gopinand

    Hi there, i started with your Tesla plade model order videos and binge watched most of your videos, i liked most of them, i belong from india and i cannot offord a apple device where iam badly in need of one for software development. I would be glad to receive anything from you. However all the best for your future videos.

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    Love your content, love how u bring in all unique accessories and try them out. Looking for to winning! Twitter: @MvTaher

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