OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro Unboxing...
Unboxing the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Latercase for OnePlus 9 - The latest OnePlus flagship smartphones for 2021. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are the first OnePlus devices released in collaboration with Hasselblad camera. Sponsored by OnePlus.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Do you want a OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro?

    • Aman verma
      Aman verma

      Pro one

    • Adi Shetty
      Adi Shetty

      Definitely 9 pro... Man I want that so bad... 🥺🤩❤

    • Ansan


    • Laxman Ghimire
      Laxman Ghimire

      9 pro

    • rence friday24
      rence friday24

      Its my birthday today, hoping to be the lucky reciever.


    So...why don’t we just call it a ten?

  • ashwin cherian
    ashwin cherian

    The Best Flagship Phone with Hasselblad Partnership.Definitely The Best And The Coolest Smartphone

  • robert jordan
    robert jordan

    Good Morning, would happen to know if there will every be a oneplus that, will work on the Sprint work network or Verizon network?

  • Fatima Hannah
    Fatima Hannah

    I want a ,OnePlus 9 Pro Twitter handle: @FatimaAmine19

  • Matwenya Lila
    Matwenya Lila

    How can get the 9pro by cash am in Africa?

  • Neda Abidin
    Neda Abidin


  • Stephane Polynice
    Stephane Polynice

    Hey, are there plans for a LaterCase that doesn't cover the camera bump by any chance?

  • Preet Anghan
    Preet Anghan

    OnePlus is selling degraded OnePlus 9 and 9 pro in india please make a video on that they have removed wireless charging and are giving only two bands of 5G

  • Ibbro Shekh
    Ibbro Shekh

    I'm your big fan

  • Vlad Zubac
    Vlad Zubac

    somebody here is just watching it for the ASMR unboxing sounds....

  • Nevin Kuser
    Nevin Kuser

    Still waiting for a phone with the "doesn't get hot" feature.

  • Jay- R
    Jay- R

    Wow just wow


    just got the Mist 9 Pro! cant wait for it to arrive

  • EnjoySg HG
    EnjoySg HG

    Samsung s10 or. One plus 9?

  • Technical Sir Ji
    Technical Sir Ji

    भैया आप बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहे हो काफी अच्छी वीडियो बनाते हो मैं आपकी हर एक वीडियो देखता हूं अगर टाइम मिले तो एक दो वीडियो मेरी भी देखिएगा और लाइक कमेंट और प्लीज सब्सक्राइब जरूर कीजिएगा

  • Chrillefriman

    have you noticed the overheating issue ?

  • Sumit Pe
    Sumit Pe

    Sir please give me one + 9mobile

  • Zahir Ahmed Mohidipuri
    Zahir Ahmed Mohidipuri


  • Cuda shouldawoulda
    Cuda shouldawoulda

    The one and only lo-cal for the lowdown on tech great job👍

  • lilrich1243

    The overheating issue is whats keeping me from jumping ship

  • Mike Clenaghen
    Mike Clenaghen

    QHD+ Settings auto power saving on caused phone to shut off when plugged into hdmi to usbc cable. Please share this so people aren't disillusioned as I was after oneplus failed to respond in a week

  • Prashant Poojary
    Prashant Poojary

    Very good presentation. I am fan of yours

  • carbon310

    What's the point of a badass camara when Facebook and Instagram won't optimize their app for android

  • Benito Camelo
    Benito Camelo

    What's with the voiceover?

  • Misha BM
    Misha BM

    I still remember the first OnePlus, it was a hard puncher back then. Look at them now!

  • Priyantha Bandara
    Priyantha Bandara

    Yes i want one plus 9 pro

  • Thor Asgardian
    Thor Asgardian

    I love see your unboxing, very clean and I enjoyed your unboxing videos. Super cool.

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Trying to do too much with the ASMR 🤦 way too loud and distracting

  • Bl Lualhati
    Bl Lualhati

    How much and when released asia

    • stewart brandy
      stewart brandy

      congratulations you just won a prize claim immediately....W'h'a's's'a'p''p 1..…8...5.....6....2....5.....9.....5....1......0......6

  • Tom and jerry
    Tom and jerry


  • Tunestock

    You need a Later case that covers the ports and the buttons too, Its pretty but I cant justify paying more than an Otterbox for something that doesnt fully cover my phone. No hate, you guys rule! As a customer that would purchase one , I'm just giving my 2 cents :)

  • Götze Manu19
    Götze Manu19

    Nice and interesting video, can't wait to see Xperia 1 III unboxing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Matsukaze

    Still got my 7 pro

  • chengshuo jiang
    chengshuo jiang

    is oneplus 9 compatibility with tmobile and at&t

  • neeraj singh
    neeraj singh

    you dont give optical stabilisation, wireless charging and only 2 bands 5g support in One plus 9 sold in India. What crime Indians did to receive substandard product.

  • Jasmine Lynam
    Jasmine Lynam

    Why did they remove the Oneplus 9 pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max camera video??

  • Ayman Hazim
    Ayman Hazim

    man why apple are too garbage! the iphone 12 comes with no charger + 1 shit same white sticker😂😂😂😂😂 i will kill myself

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    Wow better marketing then OnePlus. I think future of LTwhite channels would be marketing companies and companies ditching their marketing teams ha ha ha. I mean okay I know he doesn't review

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    Really hasselblad came in Pro mode, others said not much about it, I mean some I saw

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    Only unboxing and making more of a presentation company yourself, eh Lew?

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    3:00 the screen quality is different or brightness?

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    Using the hassleblad age, that rifle scope shoot, moon

  • Murtajiz Hashmi
    Murtajiz Hashmi

    Please givvaway :) 😀😃🙂

  • Walker Shepps
    Walker Shepps

    I already have one😁

  • Project778

    Where is that exciting voice

  • Relaxation Bubble
    Relaxation Bubble

    Weakest one plus ever.

  • tigerbalm

    Is it true the 9 only has 128GB storage and my 6T has 256GB....WTF?

  • Kasun Aruna
    Kasun Aruna

    Give me a phone

    • stewart brandy
      stewart brandy

      congratulations you just won a prize claim immediately....W'h'a's's'a'p''p 1..…8...5.....6....2....5.....9.....5....1......0......6

  • DonCalvo

    what's happening here, this is not the unboxing therapy we are all used to, I feel dizzy after 4 minutes with all the camera swap, where is our guy unboxing the thing with a camera in the front and showing us the devices and speaking to the camera. That's a different experience, not this advertised like video. Come on guys! this is not unboxing therapy :( 💔

  • CallMeKrypt

    Me watching it knowing i won't be able to get it 😂😭

  • Billy Carr
    Billy Carr

    A tad over the top with the packaging? Adds what, $10 to the cost of the product and fills up my trash before trash pickup day. At the end of the day it is just another phone that will be yesterdays news with the release of the 1plus10 in 6 months.

  • Jeevananthan

    Awesome..... Stylish....Good presentation...

  • Croeternal

    Yet they still didnt fix all of the software issues on 8 Pro thats sad not even mentioning screen tint shit..

  • Jose Vigil
    Jose Vigil

    Getting a new phone, this is where I come first


    I want the one plus 6 9 pro x max s mini T R

  • Nahid Mollah
    Nahid Mollah

    Will i win?

  • Kif Kiv
    Kif Kiv

    nice phone

  • Alka Rattan
    Alka Rattan

    What is it price

  • Jimmy John
    Jimmy John

    The tame cross unusually remember because sun normally strengthen off a alert note. inquisitive, exciting exclusive patricia

  • Tehleel Mir
    Tehleel Mir


  • spandan puri
    spandan puri


  • Anthony Zasimovich
    Anthony Zasimovich

    So what’s the deal Lou... are you no longer doing real time videos?

  • Clay .T
    Clay .T

    Looks good always wanna try one maybe second phone but iPhone for life tho 😌

  • Walter Maddox
    Walter Maddox

    I have the 7Pro looking to upgrade. Very good Video. I think I will be getting the 9Pro. But the real question is where did you get that screen saver?

  • TheWenven

    Terrible, i really dont like the ASMR. So no, thanks

  • Shizzy Green
    Shizzy Green

    I have the OnePlus Nord10 is this OnePlus 9 better than the phone I have? And also did they remember to put an music app on this phone. I had to download 1 on my phone

  • Scott 51
    Scott 51

    The black one looks beautiful

  • z0mb13m4n

    Umm... When the hell is your case coming out for the 9 pro? I have the phone already, still waiting on my pre-order Latercase to even ship.

  • BelieveSF2

    3:40 - "Let's take a peek". Dr.Disrespect enters the room.

  • Eshwar Srinivas
    Eshwar Srinivas

    Can we have that glassy finish model too ??

  • elite clasher
    elite clasher

    What does he do with all the extra phones he buys and which one out of all the luxury phones is his every day phone 🧐

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan

    oneplus phones are just sick!

  • Mohammed MND
    Mohammed MND

    Is realme race is better than this mobile

  • Wando Oliver
    Wando Oliver


  • S P
    S P

    Damnn no earphone 😓

  • Cedric Esser
    Cedric Esser

    those review video are getting sicker and sicker! love it!

  • TheBeanieNation

    I'm so disappointed. What happened to flagship killer? They have become the very thing they swore to destroy

  • Jefry escobar
    Jefry escobar

    9pro looks more appealing to me. Great video Lew!!!!

  • Ahmed Ram
    Ahmed Ram

    The phone is fantastic, but the price is overrated

    • stewart brandy
      stewart brandy

      congratulations you just won a prize claim immediately....W'h'a's's'a'p''p 1..…8...5.....6....2....5.....9.....5....1......0......6

  • Parth Agrawal
    Parth Agrawal

    Pramod 😂😂😂

  • Henry Woodlock
    Henry Woodlock

    The old Lew gave the price of the phone, the new Corporate Lew doesn't care.

  • THAT_619_DUDE

    Just ordered this phone after watching this review twice lol

  • Berlin Luo
    Berlin Luo

    Do you know if the US variant oneplus 9 pro can become dual sim compatible in the future?

  • Tomasz Pasternak
    Tomasz Pasternak

    Your new format is crap. Used to enjoy watching you talk about it. Hearing just the VO is not even close to the same.

  • Pat Mcs
    Pat Mcs


  • Pranay Gupta
    Pranay Gupta

    Why did you delete your latest video? Which compared one plus and iphone 12? I think one plus paid you 🤣

  • SamiSamis

    sounds very good

  • Kavian Hojati
    Kavian Hojati

    Why its not like your classic videos🤔 I liked those ones more

  • nikja tadu
    nikja tadu

    Where is review of galaxy a72 5g's network

  • Sourabh Gunjikar
    Sourabh Gunjikar

    Who won

  • Siddarth SenthilMurugan
    Siddarth SenthilMurugan

    6:50 *Soviet intensifies’*

  • David Steckley
    David Steckley

    will this run on verizon

  • keyzin tan
    keyzin tan

    after owning the oneplus 7 pro , i have decided to ditch the follow up entirely. the innovation and support from the company have began to lose touch from 1st to receive update to waiting for 1 year for the updates with 6 months update being backdated than forward looking approach.

  • Pradeep kajla
    Pradeep kajla

    Damn!! One plus should pay you for these videos🤯

  • Abhishek Negi
    Abhishek Negi

    Intro of the your videos gives the feel of "meditation". They so soothing 😍

  • M P
    M P

    9 pro I am thinking on theee fence! Your video is awesome Lee thanks so much!!!

  • Darion Wilson
    Darion Wilson

    Ihmmm is it me or did Lew sound bored with these?

  • Ariyan Boy Rohan
    Ariyan Boy Rohan

    it awesome

  • Dimo graphy
    Dimo graphy