BLIND TEST - Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
Which do you pick - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max?
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    iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

    • Nurhashikin Suandi
      Nurhashikin Suandi

      Iphone 12 pro max

    • Bus Of Mauritius
      Bus Of Mauritius


    • LateNight Rituals
      LateNight Rituals


    • Bojhon Flavier
      Bojhon Flavier

      Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra omg 😲

    • Patrick O'Neill
      Patrick O'Neill


  • Chillie Chill
    Chillie Chill

    Switched from my iPhone to the s21 ultra, and loving it

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig

    Great comparison video. I'm glad I got the samsung. I did slightly like it better because of the better stabilization I saw.

  • Nori the Octopus
    Nori the Octopus

    This was legendary! Such an entertaining clip.

  • CAM Tech
    CAM Tech

    Awesome review.

  • Shashank D
    Shashank D

    I used to use a note 9 but wanted a change and bought the iPhone 12 pro. I had so many complaints and just bought the 21 ultra. Now I have complaints with both

  • sq s
    sq s

    Maaan you changed my mind.but i dont use the camera so often tho

  • That Security Guy
    That Security Guy

    Beginning of this I'm at the slip and fall video and Im saying iphone on the right. Its almost like the phone is trying to make up for the human element and processing the footage a little too much. Could be wrong.

  • Akaya Kunugi
    Akaya Kunugi


  • SavannahLoving

    The S21 lookin real slick with that case

  • Kai Rha
    Kai Rha

    The more megapixels a camera has, the photo/video gets a bit darker because it tries to suck up every tiny detail of the scenery you're trying to capture. Try comparing other smartphone brands that has more megapixels in their camera, you'll be able to notice that. There's just a science to it.

  • Joao Du Baile
    Joao Du Baile

    Iphone best

  • vincent fred
    vincent fred

    This has to be one of the best videos I've watched on LTwhite

  • Jesse Ashmore
    Jesse Ashmore

    The samsung is on bright mode by default. If it was switched to natural the snow wouldn't have that blue hue.

  • Razvan Andries
    Razvan Andries

    Dudeeeee, that background is sooo sick. Love it

  • Young shayar
    Young shayar

    Need an IPhone Anyone please 😅🥺

  • Ramon Leon
    Ramon Leon

    Let's go samsung 👍

  • James Hossa
    James Hossa

    Watching on s21 ultra

  • OnlyFps09

    Love my iPhone 12 pro max 😂😂

  • Isaiah Harvin
    Isaiah Harvin

    Samsung forever never gonna change

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood

    12 any day

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor

    They're both amazing and they both have weird "fan boys" from either side that need to defend their purchase. This is the kind of actual, real comparison people should do. Personally, I like the Galaxy S21 better but I'd be happy with the iPhone 12 too.

  • Django Freeman
    Django Freeman

    i guessed i missed it.....................sigh

  • Divan E
    Divan E

    Nice and honest review. Thanks

  • Silver Star
    Silver Star

    Phones i can never afford

  • Cypress Grella
    Cypress Grella

    I'm still loving my carrier pigeon

  • Landon Aikin
    Landon Aikin

    iPhone has better photos and portrait but Samsung has better videos and stabilization agreed?

  • Adonis Khan
    Adonis Khan

    Seems like samsung won popular vote interesting. -sent from s21 ultra 😎

  • Adonis Khan
    Adonis Khan

    Yo every year phones improve a bit. I went from s10+ to s21 ultra... I'm genuinely shook the camera and the screen are insane. Battery too. AND THE SPEED

  • Dielson Sales
    Dielson Sales

    Best part is when he's: "Are you sure?"

  • Edward X
    Edward X

    6:30, there's more details in the snow on the L than the R. The R imprints seem to be blended in with the snow ❄️ but the L has better details...

  • K A
    K A

    I’m Apple all the way ! But Samsung was really really impressive! I liked the Samsung’s photos and videos so much more but the design of the phones 100% Apple 🍎

  • M A Mohosin Molla
    M A Mohosin Molla

    Brother, I like your video very much. I am saying love is endless from my Bangladesh

  • anjan ra
    anjan ra

    I felt the video was a bit slow

  • jonathan molijn
    jonathan molijn

    I love the s21 ultra My wish is to buy one

  • 17VFP014 Gowri sankar R
    17VFP014 Gowri sankar R

    U have alots of right can u send me one s21 ultra to me .....

  • Smplcty11


  • Bob

    I could tell the right one was Samsung from the very first photo because I knew that Samsung had the tendency to color snow bluish...

  • Ayesha Naveed
    Ayesha Naveed

    감독은 지난 시즌 초반 트윈스의

    • Ayesha Naveed
      Ayesha Naveed

      I have no clue what I wrote something random lmaoooo

  • Christopher Sanders
    Christopher Sanders

    Totally satisfied with my S21 Ultra on Verizon. Solid upgrade from my Note 10+ 5G. Huge upgrade!

  • Jermy flynn
    Jermy flynn

    I new it l wos the i phone 12 pro win he took 2 photo 1 was zoom in and was not the i phone pro's all was zoom in

  • Zahoor Ahmad
    Zahoor Ahmad

    Samsung galaxy cameras best 👍💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Zahoor Ahmad
    Zahoor Ahmad

    Clearly samsung Galaxy s21 ulrra won 🏆💪🏆💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎊🎊🎊

  • محمد حسين طاهر خضير
    محمد حسين طاهر خضير

    Iphone nailed it

  • Brie likeTheCheese
    Brie likeTheCheese

    Bought the s21 ultra and looovvvee it! You can trade in your stylo 6 for 800$ off at AT&T 😊 best decision ever

  • 18 Football
    18 Football

    Did they delete the OnePlus one?!

  • New York City Videos
    New York City Videos

    Both phones look amazing. I'm going with the iPhone if I have to choose one.

  • athish rukshan
    athish rukshan

    Aaaandd Theeee KING isssss S21 Ultraaa..bow down to it ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Pavan

    Please do same test including OnePlus 9 pro and Mi 11 ultra 🙏

  • Trin Trin
    Trin Trin

    I really want to buy the ultra for its camera but I’ve always been on team Apple😭

  • Beej

    Switched from my S8+ to the S21 Ultra and man it's like light and day The quality and video is amazing

  • humberto martinez
    humberto martinez

    11:05 his face and the background music 😂😂

  • Olly Neal
    Olly Neal

    That low light shot on samsungs ruins it though, they should do much better than that

  • Dr. Apollo
    Dr. Apollo

    Expected better low light performance from s21

  • booyouemmalou

    This is such an awesome way to do this! Thank you 😄

  • likemefriends deo
    likemefriends deo

    When will you send me phone....


    The 12 came out in 2020 the 21 came out 2021 yes samsungs camera was a bit better but still other then that the iPhone apps and gaming is way more better then samsungs nice vid

  • Cerita Cerita
    Cerita Cerita

    Wowww... i really sure that on the right is an iphone

  • Lowerrated

    I want Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

  • Axl Schu
    Axl Schu

    Are we buying a phone or camera

  • Zayed Khan
    Zayed Khan

    Give me s21 ultra :')

  • מיכל כהן
    מיכל כהן

    in the photos whats the side of the iphone and what galaxy?

  • jose reyes
    jose reyes

    That 8k video is a killer

  • Admiral

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • Wonder Delfino
    Wonder Delfino

    You should make an entro my man

  • akatsuki base
    akatsuki base

    I upgraded from Samsung j2 core to iPhone 12 pro max

  • Bobby Knight
    Bobby Knight

    I'll take the one that has the best video stabilization. I hope that would be Samsung?

  • عبد الواحد الجزائري
    عبد الواحد الجزائري

    I think the smartphons battle will be SAMSUNG vs the Chinese Companies

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor

    Samsung takes it every time.....iPhone wasn't even close

  • Philbert De Angelo
    Philbert De Angelo

    it is obviously right is samsung before you tell us anyway

  • Khir Shafee
    Khir Shafee

    Still love my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  • Bill Klingbeil II
    Bill Klingbeil II

    Lifetime iPhone user but Samsung dominated these samples.

  • Mizi Yusoff
    Mizi Yusoff

    I guessed it wrong

  • jay

    the S 21 Ultra really has a beautiful display no other phone can match

  • iNicki x SyCo
    iNicki x SyCo

    Who else come here only to watch the video but cannot afford the phone🥺

  • casual magpie
    casual magpie

    Love the soundtrack in the background tho

  • Mr Yusuf
    Mr Yusuf

    s22 s23 hopefully some it gets boost 1600 single core score for speed lol

  • Ahmed Shuaib
    Ahmed Shuaib

    I actually have both and all what I can say is thanks for this video I had fun watching it

  • Weird Kid Next Door
    Weird Kid Next Door

    From the first clip I knew the right was the Samsung and the left was the iPhone.

  • Christian Z
    Christian Z

    Brand loyalty needs to be put aside once you give them your money. They don't care about you. They should be loyal to you since you're paying them. I just changed from 12 Pro Max to S21 Ultra because the discounts were epic. Bye bye iOS.

  • Martin Lee
    Martin Lee

    will S21 Ultra keep performance more than 2 years? My past galaxys didn't.

    • stealthh h
      stealthh h

      Its 2021 what do you think? Its 4 years of software support now. Even after those years its still gonna out last most phones.

  • Nathan Casey
    Nathan Casey

    S21 Ultra wouldn't let you take portrait photos with the telephoto for some reason. They recently updated it so now you can

  • Cheezy Edits
    Cheezy Edits

    What is the name of that roof light? Its amazing 😍

  • Nate Vierthstein
    Nate Vierthstein

    15:16 photo... compartment?

  • Tom Zohar
    Tom Zohar


  • OneOranges

    China begs to differ

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    The stabilisation gave that away. Can't believe Lew actually got it wrong.

  • Ay Peter
    Ay Peter

    Samsung is best in the world

  • Genesis International
    Genesis International

    there is more useful stuff to compare than just bloody cam and pics. I am searching for professionally useful things like mail, document editing capabilities, win rar unzip etc, autocad and similar more . Unable to find a appropriate video.

  • oNxke

    Look at his room 🤯

  • Centavia Robinson
    Centavia Robinson

    Ok im getting the iPhone it was hard to decide at first but thanks 😊

  • Jomar Ylanan
    Jomar Ylanan

    Samsung this tym😁👋🇵🇭

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh

    Sorry Samsung all day!!!

  • William Tarr
    William Tarr

    Just got a s21 and it blows the iPhone out of the water

  • Renato Goldberg KongZz
    Renato Goldberg KongZz

    Balanço de branco em fotografias no iPhone é sempre quente até em dias nevados já o Samsung ajusta de acordo com a situação... Se for ver o que é o seu gosto e o que é certo, a maioria escolhe iphone, porém o Samsung está perfeito... Só perde em vídeo na minha opinião

  • Ric Tic
    Ric Tic

    To be honest the iphone didn't win in the photo department either.. the samsung dominated in all sections.. I'm switching to android now lol

  • Countrycowboy08

    Okay, fanboys go away. I have a fair question: OVERALL experience, including the irritating lags that a lot of phones are having, the updates/support, and for how long you can use the phone in decent condition, which one is much better? S21 Ultra with Exynos 2100 or iPhone 12 Pro Max? I'm in no way knowledgeable about the technicalities of phones, just an average user. THANKS!

  • Porsche 911
    Porsche 911

    I'm the only one in my family using iphone , but the thing is that i know Samsung is better , it's a fact , but if you will buy an iphone 12 pro max in 2 years it will have the same speed , the samsung nahh... It will start having troubles... For me it's about the android and the IOS , Ios is just better , iphone it's not better then samsung , but IOS it's just better.

  • Cpt Insano
    Cpt Insano

    Tf is a noisy image...

  • Aftab Singh Chohan
    Aftab Singh Chohan

    The score is 6-6 for me... Thanks for nothing😀